About The Awesomes

Mr. and Mrs. Awesome
We met at the dog park... True story.

Who says your can't find true love the second time around?
We actually talked with each other for months before I asked her out - Even then I was only hoping to continue the awesome friendship outside the confines of the dog park fence.  Falling in love with her was outside of my control and I'm glad that God brought us together.  Every day is a true gift and every day I'm consciously thankful for her.

If you're looking for "the one" - don't settle.  Don't compromise your standards.  Make sure that your partner isn't settling either.

We enjoy living life, even if that means doing nothing together.

Little Awesome
An Awesome bundle of cute.

Loves spitting up and smiling.

Hates being tired and dirty diapers.

Gumbo and Creole
Gumbo is our big, black horse.  Obviously the guardian of the Awesome's.  He loves Little Awesome and has occasionally played the role of Awesome pillow for L.A.

Creole is the princess.  She rules the house and keeps everyone in line.  We wouldn't have it any other way.

Both are rescues from severely abusive homes.  We're glad to be their parents.