Monday, August 12, 2013


Little Awesome is about to be three months old.  For us, that seems almost like a lifetime ago.  Mrs. Awesome certainly isn't nostalgic for the j-o-b she left behind, and she stays busy around the house while L.A. spends his days learning new things, like, where his hands are - and where they go - and what new locations he can stick them.

My brother and sister are both parents, and have been for a time.  My oldest nephew is well into his teens and just recently went for his Learner's Permit and passed.  We didn't venture out on the road for days.  But what I'm coming to realize is that when they were starting out on their journey, to be honest, I didn't really pay attention because at the time I didn't think this would be a reality for me.  I could continue to look back and wonder why that is, but I won't.  I will say that I appreciate the glint of understanding in their faces when I mention how things are going and they appear as if they are remembering a memory of long ago... in a galaxy far, far away.
Now I find myself wanting to call all of my family and friends at the most unlikely of times to ask the most important question... "How did you do it?"  Most of the time my imagined answers involve the lonely sound of crickets chirping.  Mostly because it 2 a.m. and everyone I know is asleep.

I do know this, L.A. is going to continue to get older, and as he does - there will be a new evolution in the type of questions that I will be asking.  Will I have the courage to Google my friends and family to find out what's happening?  I hope so.