Monday, July 22, 2013

Sometimes Life Happens - Schedules? What schedules?

A week ago, Little Awesome turned two. Months old, that is.  Two is about the number of hours of sleep that it feels that we get.

Two souls trudging through the house - looking like they just stepped onto "The Walking Dead" film set.  Eyes heavy, and coordination??? Imagine trying to do aerobics while wading in mashed potatoes.

Meanwhile, L.A. is growing rapidly and learning!  He's tracking objects, smiling on purpose, saying our names - just kidding... I wanted to see if you were paying attention.

He is, however, cooing a lot at night which barrels through our sleep patterns and doesn't compliment our social skills.

Co-Worker: "How was your weekend?"

Mr. Awesome: "Bleearrrrrrrrgh!" *snore, drool*

And I would love to say that in this awesome time that we have been creative and productive. Alas, earwax.  I read my favorite blogs of domestic super powers "Plain Chicken" and "The Virtuous Wife" and "The Kitchn" hoping to find the inspiration to be a helpful partner to my wife seeing as how she is upholding the awesome while I'm at work. But all I want to learn how to craft... is a pillow.