Tuesday, June 4, 2013

2 Weeks Old and You Know What That Means... Road Trip!

A friend of mine passed away last week.  So, I felt it was right to go pay my respects to a good friend and schoolmate.

The hotel was booked and we prepared for what I thought would be about a four hour drive from our home to just outside of Birmingham.







It was a crisp, cool night outside the rest stop...

Little Awesome had just discovered that he enjoyed riding in the car, but he was hungry.  So, he decided it was time to let us know about it.  Then I had to let Mrs. Awesome know that I forgot to pack the one thing we needed.

The first rule of being a diplomat, is to immediately accept responsibility and begin working on a solution.  Hence, you eliminate the initial sting of "I'm mad at you" and you can solve the issue and grovel later.  The GPS reads 10 the opposite direction to the nearest pharmacy.  Dear Highway Patrol, thank you for not picking us up.  We made it just fine, thank you.

Apologizing and working on a solution didn't render me the hero, because Mrs. Awesome is in the back seat consoling a very hungry child.  So, technically she earned the merit badge - and I intend to never forget it.