Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Prep is just like cooking... sometimes you have to follow the recipe

So there are only a few days left to go.  My wife K is doing awesome as always... The ongoing theme in her pregnancy is that she never, (well, almost never) complains.  She has been a true inspiration to me and I hope that by now she knows it.

It is a rule in our home that we live in it - and that entails that things aren't perfect, they just are.  We do what we can and we never apologize if things don't appear like a magazine shot.  However, sometimes we get overwhelmed and we become best friends with our good friend, Mr. Crastinator.

Case in point, our hospital bags.  We have been waiting and waiting to pack them and truthfully just been putting it off.  So, exasperated, I asked my lovely wife, "If this was a cookbook this would be easy, isn't there a list of what we need to take?"

"Why, yes there is." she replied, "It's in the hospital paperwork."

So, here I was half expecting this novel of things to take to the hospital... bzzz! wrong!

Everything we needed fit into two diaper bags, much to the chagrin of our dogs. Surely we would be taking them with us! Alas, earwax.

So it took about ten minutes... Thankfully a good portion of the entertainment items had been utilized by our phones.  Way to go smartphones!

Thank you hospital for spelling it out for us, otherwise we would have arrived with half the closet, I am certain of this.  It's the little things that matter.